The Lab Mastermind
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I loved having a set time every other week where I could bring my questions and get answers from you and others.

I loved the group I was in! I love hearing about what other women are doing. Even if I am not where they are at, the discussions sparked thinking for me moving forward!

I think a lot of people don't think they have the time or money for something like this, but the information I gathered was invaluable.

Having a set time for these conversations gives me that learning time that I rarely find otherwise.
jenny Ponzuric
Founder of Ponzuric Learning Solutions
The mastermind meetings with Nathalie and the fellow Masterminders are my monthly business checkpoints.

I'm easily overwhelmed by large groups and thrive in the calm atmosphere of the Membership Lab Mastermind.

Nathalie's people are advanced entrepreneurs who are past the initial starters frenzy.

Nathalie's knowledge of memberships (tech, strategy, marketing and growth) is off the charts and you will be hard-pressed to find someone like her.

If you're past the DIY-stage, want your Membership to grow consistently, and confidently deal with all the small and large tech, market, launch and selling challenges, and learn from the best this is the place to be.
Esther de Charon de St Germain
Founder of the Self Love Success Club