Reply To: AccessAlly Tracking Capabilities

  • Nathalie

    October 11, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Kelly, sorry for not seeing this earlier, @kmccarthyiexcelerate-com make sure you tag me so that I can see it 🙂
    AccessAlly doesn’t have a concept of changing colors but it is technically possible if you can assign a tag to each objective (because AA doesn’t do conditional display on objective 1 completed but on a % of the whole page).
    so you’d need to have a page per objective so that you could track 100% of completion of that objective
    then on your program tracking page, you can display the objective from each indidual page and do a conditional : if completed show in this colors, if not show in that color (and play with CSS for the colors).
    I hope that makes sense!